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To donate online, please click The Big Give 
Please contact us for details to donate electronically to our bank account directly if you prefer.
To donate by Cheque/Postal Order or CAF voucher, please send your contribution with a completed declaration to allow us to claim Gift Aid on your donation if appropriate.

Gift aid declaration form DOCX                     Gift aid declaration form PDF

Thank you!!

Gift Aid increases the value of donations to charities from UK taxpayers, usually with no extra cost to the donor.

How it works

  • You earn £125 and £25 tax is deducted from this at the basic income tax rate of 20%.
  • This leaves you with £100 which you donate to charity with your full name and address so they can claim Gift Aid on it.
  • The charity receive an extra £25 (the tax you paid at basic rate) from the Inland Revenue making your total contribution £125.

N.B. If you give generously to several charities, you may need to ensure that you pay sufficient tax for all your donations to be eligible for Gift Aid.