Drum Circles

People between 9 and 99years old of all abilities to Drum in a Circle with Martin Ranscombe at Music Alive

on the 1st Saturday of each month from 1 – 2pm

All are welcome to explore and share the power of rhythm with us. Martin will help us navigate drums and percussion from around the world in a great sounding way. Music Alive will provide access technology for those needing an alternative to acoustic devices.

Venue: Music Alive at Highworth Community Centre, The Dormers, Highworth, SN6 7PQ

Some of our instruments are capable of creating very loud noises when accidentally or enthusiastically hit too hard by a novice.  We strongly recommend that you bring your own ear defenders.

Open Drum circles are listed on our calendar

Contact us to find out more or discuss how to drum in a way that better suits your ideas or needs.