Highworth Festival 2016

Highworth FestivalMusic Alive collaborated with Falding’s Fandangos over the 2016 Highworth Festival. The theme this year was Youth and Technology and as Music Alive use a variety of electronic instruments and tablets to make creative expression available to all, this fitted in well with our activities!

We attended lots of different events across the Festival. As well as performing live music and running Drum Circles, we collected sounds to create a ‘Soundscape of Highworth Festival’. This idea was developed by Debbie Wolfsohn and assisted by Peter Harris, who worked tirelessly, along with a team of contributors to make a lasting memory of all the all the highlights and spirit of the Festival.

The Soundscape is available to listen to here.

Huge congratulations to all who contributed to the Highworth Festival. It was a fantastic programme of events and we really enjoyed being involved.


If you saw us at the Highworth Festival or have listened to the Soundcloud, we would love to hear what you think! Please drop us an email and help us learn from our engagement across the Highworth Festival.