Getting involved in Music Alive’s activities – the detail

Voluntary support for Music Alive(MA)’s work is essential – many thanks for being interested in helping us benefit more people through inclusive music activities. We’re keen to make best use of volunteers’ existing talents and to offer them the opportunity to develop new skills.

To participate in activities please fill the following linked forms in with a suitably qualified MA Volunteer or complete them electronically and return to your MA correspondent.

MA Personal Information & Recording Consent Form (doc  format) or MA Personal Information & Recording Consent Form (pdf format)

Music Alive Initial Interview Form file are helpfully completed by you and emailed to us in advance of a face to face meeting.

We’re keen to ensure disabled people can actively support and guide what happens at Music Alive so strive to ensure that volunteers’ access needs are well met. Arts Council England’s guidance in how to describe access needs is a useful tool to help us collaborate to create an accessible workplace.

These forms ensure good practice and enables communication.  The information you supply is stored securely and not shared with 3rd parties.

Due to the age and vulnerability of some participants in our activities and our need to ensure confidence in our data handling, we require two references (one verbal, one written).  Referees ideally include somebody who’s known you for years and somebody who’s seen what you’re capable of achieving professionally or voluntarily.  If appropriate to the role(s) you perform we will also review your DBS record.


It’s important that everything you do with Music Alive is informed by Music Alive’s policies so you can be really helpful and safe.  Please review and discuss your understanding of them with the person arranging your induction.  We don’t expect you to get all of it immediately but encourage you to seek clarity on anything that’s not obvious or a situation that is difficult. If you’ve ideas to improve or update current policies, please tell us!

Personal Information and Recording Consent Policy

Volunteers Policy

Health and Safety Policy Mar 2017

Equal Opportunities Policy

Child Protection Policy

Vulnerable Adult Protection Policy

IT Principals and Code of Conduct

Complaints Procedure

Conflict of Interest Policy

In order to make volunteering accessible to all, it’s helpful for us to tailor access solutions to your specific needs.  We’ll need to communicate to make that possible.

To communicate in confidence with a Trustee, please email