Our values

At Music Alive, we work to the following values:

  1. We respect each other, our beneficiaries, our volunteers, our stakeholders and our partners. We understand that respect is rooted in how we behave – how we treat each other, how we communicate, doing what we commit to do on time, recognising success and being constructive where we need to perform better.
  2. Our culture is open and honest – we deal with issues openly and don’t side step challenges. We recognise that honesty goes hand in hand with respect. We critique but avoid criticism. We do not apportion blame – we focus on learning.
  3. We share a common purpose – making music available and inclusive to all. We understand that there will be challenges but we are tolerant and address challenges with honesty and respect.

We understand that our values must be reflected in how we behave every day.  We expect to live up to our values but recognise that we need to be reminded when we fall short. We also recognise that values reflect today and what we aspire to in the future. Underpinning our values is a commitment to improve and continue to work to fully reflect our values.