Rhythms at Music Alive

Summer DrumFest

6 – 25 year olds with additional needs,

their family, friends and supporters

are invited to play drums with others

in 15 – 90 minute sessions

between 10.30am and 3.30pm

on 16th and/or 30th August (Thursdays).

Music Alive has a wide variety of percussion and hand drums from around the world.  Drum Kits and electronic drums are also available to suit all manner of physiques and abilities or you can bring your favourite instrument along to play.

DrumFest sessions will be programmed to suit the interests, ability and availability of specific people.  We’re keen to tailor exactly what and who’s available to suit participants’ interests and needs.  Please email or phone 01793 770699 to find out more if you or someone you know would be interested in this. We’d like to know the following to help work out who does what and when:

  • what session start time and duration on Thursdays 16th &/or 30th August suits the young person/people best
  • how you like to drum, sing and play
  • your preferred communication methods and access needs
  • what you’d like to create with Music Alive

A final timetable will be available here at least 5 days before.

Regular Drum Circles

People between 9 and 99years old of all abilities are welcome to explore and share the power of rhythm with with Martin Ranscombe at Music Alive on the 1st Saturday of each month from 1 – 2pm.

Martin will help us navigate drums and percussion from around the world in a fun, healthy and great sounding way. Music Alive can provide accessible technology (including electronic drums/iPads or a Kaoss Pad) for those needing an alternative to acoustic instruments.

Venue: Music Alive at Highworth Community Centre, The Dormers, Highworth, SN6 7PQ

Some of our instruments are capable of BEING LOUD.  please bring ear defenders if you’ve got them in case we want to get REALLY ENTHUSIASTIC!  If anybody else in the room hasn’t got a pair, please be considerate of their hearing when you play in our music room.

Find out when you can be rhythmic at Music Alive on our calendar

Contact us to find out more or discuss how to drum in a way that better suits your ideas or needs.