Saturday Sessions

Open to 9 to 99 years olds, Saturday Sessions take place from 1 – 2pm weekly at Highworth Community Centre most Saturdays.  See Music Alive’s calendar for the latest plans.

Drum with Martin Ranscombe and the Music Alive team on the first Saturdays of each month.

Jam with technology such as Theramin, tablets, phones, soundbeam, keyboards, electric guitars, switches are combined with people and amplification to create beautiful music on the second Saturday of each month.

Sing with Linda, Vicky and/or Kate of Swindon Community Choir on the third Saturday of each month. Acapella or accompanied by instruments all things vocal health and harmony are explored in great company.

Taster sessions can include any or all of the above or something different.  Players decide what to do at the beginning of the session then get on with it.

Cost per person is £5 each. Please contact to book your place or just turn up and hope there’s space.