Session Prices

Every disabled person who wants to make and appreciate music can do so with Music Alive. No-one will be excluded if they can’t afford the prices listed below. Please discuss the cost of a session if you need to when booking.

Taster Session:       £10

Individual Session (Adults):        £20

Group Session (Adults):              £12

Individual Session (aged 25 and under):   £10

Group Session (aged 25 and under):        £6

Drum Circle (group session):                  £5

Sessions usually last for an hour. Longer sessions are priced accordingly.

Written report:        £25

Attendance at an annual review:      £40 + travel expenses

Workshop or performance for organisations:     Negotiable.

The above costs do NOT reflect the real costs of providing our service. They are heavily subsidised by grants and donations. We are grateful that participants in our activities value us and contribute to our continued existence.

We don’t charge the person who provides essential assistance to a disabled person attending a Music Alive event (whether paid staff, family or friend). However, contributions from non-disabled people who benefit from sessions are required.

Music Alive agree future session dates with participants. We expect that a booked session should be paid for even if you don’t attend unless you give at least three days’ notice that you need to cancel a session.